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Play a game of Hot Potato!

Great fun!

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Total Downloads: 18,000

Ages: 9+ (Game Includes Sarcastic Insults)
Keywords: party, multiplayer, fun, classic, silly, free, kid, shake, vintage, timer, potato, hot, game, crazy

Game Design, Images, Voices: Stephen Furlani
Game Editing, Image Editing: Nate Skipper

Play modern game of Spin the Bottle!  Take pictures of your friends, shake it up, and then email, twit-pic, or facebook the results!

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Game Design, Image: Stephen Furlani

Game Editing: Nate Skipper
Icons by Joseph Wain /
Icons Distributed and Remixed under the CCL

Ver: 1.01 - update for compatibility with iPhone OS 2.0
Ages: 4+
Keywords: thunder, clash, cats, shake, go, ho, fun, silly, lightning, flash, action, game, awesome

Game Design, Images: Stephen Furlani
Game Editing: 
Nate Skipper

Has your life ever needed awesome Thundering Sound Effects?

If so, you've come to the right place.

Shake your phone, and add the right amount of Thunder to your awesome life.  You can shake it up to four times, with each shake increasing the intensity of the Thunder, culminating in a violent thunderclap. Perfect for laying down the law, punctuating a thesis, battle cries, changing the diaper or anything else, really. 

Keep Being Awesome.

Be Awesome-r with this app.

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Total Downloads: 418